Emerald Contact Centre is a new and dynamic contact center focused on providing superior customer service support and building strategic partnerships with our clients.

Threefold Systems (TFS) is a development and consulting company that was established to help direct response publishers to thrive in the online world. TFS help clients to harness technology and to test, grow, learn and adapt quickly in an ever changing environment.

Woodlock House Support Services
provides a range of services such as but not limited to HR, IT & Accounting across the Agora companies. Employees of Woodlock House Support Services service a large domestic and international client base.

Agora Integrated Marketing (AIM), a division of APSI, is a full service online marketing agency founded in 2015. We are dedicated to helping direct response publishers grow their businesses with innovative, multi-channel campaigns.

AIM has a number of opportunities coming very soon. Please check back regularly for listings.

Agora Publishing Services Ireland is a technology services group set up to provide application support to Agora’s affiliated companies

APSI has a number of opportunities coming very soon. Please check back regularly for listings

International Living Magazine, located at Woodlock House, Portlaw, Co. Waterford, is in the business of showing people how and where they can enjoy an international life, live better for less, embrace an adventure-filled retirement.
The magazine’s 100,000-plus subscriber base is predominantly North American. We also have an Australian edition and a monthly newsletter called Incomes Abroad, with a focus on opportunities for readers to fund a life overseas. We have daily emailed postcards, overseas conferences, interactive forums, and a huge library of in-depth publications.

About Agora

The Agora Companies are a global network of more than 40 privately owned publishing companies. These companies are widely recognized for their highly specialised information by way of advisory newsletters, websites and books on a range of topics including retirement, wealth management, equity investments, health, travel and finance.

The Agora companies publish more than 300 books and 120 newsletters with over 1 million readers globally. Publications are translated into several languages including French, Spanish, German and Italian. The company also host seminars and conferences. The Agora companies’ subsidiary operations have offices in London, Paris, Bonn, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo and Mumbai as well as Waterford.

The companies, which located their lifestyle publishing operation International Living to Waterford in 1998, have a contact centre, Emerald Contact Centre (ECC),  and a technology services centre, Agora Publishing Services Ireland (APSI), a global Marketing agency Agora Integrated Marketing (AIM), a web development company Threefold Digital Limited and a shared services company Woodlock Services, based in Waterford city & county. These companies have over 90 employees currently, and are set to expand by a further 100 in the next 2 years.

The contact centre provides multilingual customer support via phone, electronic correspondence and click to chat to Agora’s international and US affiliates’ clients.

The technology services group provides application support, web and mobile application development services, and marketing services to the Agora group of companies.

You can contact Emerald Contact Centre via employment@emeraldcontactcentre.ie and all other companies via hrdept@pubsvs.ie